***** !!!!!! TOUR DATES !!!!! *****


Tue March 15, 2016--UPDATE

Hey.  After a long hiatus, MU330 is back playing shows again.  In late 2015 we hopped on some shows in Chicago and Grand Rapids with our old friends MUSTARD PLUG. Being on stage together as well as writing and recording some new music got us all fired up and excited to do more.  We are starting off with an all ages hometown show in Saint Louis at the Duck Room on Friday April 22 and then a trip to our first home-away-from-home Lawrence, Kansas. In June we head to San Francisco to play the Asian Man Records 20th anniversary festival with Link 80 and Slow Gherkin! We're in the process of getting a few more dates in California so stay tuned.
MU330-flyer-Duck Room April 22-2016

Friday April 22, 2016  Saint Louis, MO - Blueberry Hill Duck Room - with the Haddonfields
Saturday April 23, 2016 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge - with O'Phil
SOLD OUT Friday June 17, San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill - with Link 80, Slow Gherkin
SOLD OUT Saturday June 18, San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill (Matinee show) - Link 80, Slow Gherkin
more California shows TBA!!!

Thu March 14, 2013--UPDATE

New MU330 and Dan P. tourdates.

Pouzza Festival! 2013
Montreal Canada

May 17th 2013- Montreal, Canada, MU330 @Foufounes Électriques with The Creepshow, Iron Chic, Big D & The Kids Table
May 18th 2013- Dan P. solo, 1:00 AM @ Frites Alors with Rob ( Ann Berette ), Kris Roe ( The Ataris ), Pj Bond
May 18th and 19th 2013: Dan P. for Kids on  Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 AM with Mike Park and Miracles

more U.S. shows coming soon.......

Sun May 15, 2011 --UPDATE


Saturday June 11, 2011 - Saint Louis, MO -The Firebird
Wednesday June 15, 2011 - San Francisco, CA -Slim's
(part of the Asian Man Records 15 year celebration)
Saturday June 18, 2011 - Santa Cruz, CA - Rio Theater


Sun April, 25, 2010 --UPDATE

We set up an MU330 page on Facebook. Browse on over and become a fan if you haven't already.

Dan just launched which contains info on all of his current projects including the Stitch Up!, Dan P. and the Bricks and his solo work.

Tue April 21, 2009

It's spring-time. As Mr. Lundquist would say, "it's a good time to get out the scooter and go riding!".

Mon Jan 28th, 2008

We've made some improvements to the website, most noteably we've revamped our merchandise section to now include Credit Card and Pay Pal accounts. We've got a couple new shirts up there as well. Please let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions for something you'd like to see on this site, info or otherwise, drop us a line at: Please put "webmaster" in the subject line. Please note that this website is completly built and maintained by members of the band. We are not super computer savy and we learn it all as we go. We appreciate your patience.

In other news, we played an amazing holiday show in Saint Louis at Off Broadway. We played with some really great bands like Murder City Players and our really old buddies, Secret Cajun Band. Our very own "Captain Kwanza" Rob Bell once again passed out wrapped gifts like a toaster, old socks, or canned bacon bits.

Tue Oct 2nd , 2007

Are you going to be in St. Louis around Christmas time?  MU330 is!  The show is at Off Broadway on the 29th of Dec.  I know many of you are heartbroken that we're not coming back to the Creepy Crawl, but life is all about change, and accepting the hand that is dealt. hopefully we can all cope with the idea of a good stage and a decent sound system this Christmas.  Let's pull together.  We can really do it this year!

In other news, Dan Potthast has a brand new band called "The Stitch Up" and they will have a new album out called "Attitude Adjuster" in the next couple months on Pentimento Music.  They will be hitting the road in Nov. with buddies Streetlight Manifesto and The Suburban Legends.  Check out the new Stitch Up website,

Friday Aug 17thth, 2007


New Tourdates!

Hey everyone. We've taken the past few months off to enjoy the hot muggy midwestern summer days. Rob has been cycling, Ted's been tending the garden, Gerry stayed busy throwing tomahawks and shooting black powder, Chris has been working out and Dan's been busy with a new solo album. There will be more news on that to come. Now that the weather here in Saint Louis has reached 105 欠we've dragged ourselves indoors to our slightly-cooler basement practice space and once again started to work on the Monster album. You can hear an early version of the song "PLEASE DON'T RUN!" on the new Ska Is Dead comp from Asian Man Records

MU330 will be playing the International Ska Circus on September 8th just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The lineup includes the English Beat, the Toasters, the Slackers, Mustard Plug, Buck-0-Nine, the Pietasters and more.

We will also be playing a short tour with Mustard Plug across the midwest in September. Check the tourdates for details.

Sunday October 29th, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Chris and I just spent all day laying down the bass and drum tracks for the new MU330 album. It just happened to work out to be the most appropriate time of year to record songs like "Vampyre Girl", "Cult of the Dead", "This Place is Haunted" and "Dead Forever". This album has in fact been a long time in the making. We're all so excited about this batch of songs that we decided they were worth the extra time and effort. I can't wait for everyone to hear them. Although that opportunity is not too far away.

MU330 will be playing in Saint Louis at the Creepy Crawl (all ages) on Saturday the 23rd of December. We'll play some holiday songs and probably play at least a few of the new Monster songs.

Also in the works is the long-anticipated MU330 DVD. Filmmaker Aaron Carnes is currently going through hours upon hours of our live shows, tour footage, early videos, TV appearances and our first band practice ( when we were freshmen in highschool).


Tue March 8th 2006

That's right, this is a FREE show. Tell all of your friends that the freaks are back!

Mon Feb 20th 2006

Lots of good news!

First of all Ted and his wife Heather just had their first baby girl, Sylvia on Friday morning! All are well and healthy and trying to get some much needed rest.

MU330 has some upcoming shows:

Friday March 31, 2006 Saint Louis, MO @ Saint Louis University. This show is ALL AGES and FREE! (this is also Ted's Birthday)
Friday April 7th, 2006 Fairbanks, AK @ University of Fairbanks. 18+ Show.
Saturday April 8th, 2006 Fairbanks, AK @ TBA 21+ bar show
Sunday April 9th, 2006 Fairbanks, AK @ TBA ALL AGES show.

Recording has started and is going well.

Tues Nov 29th 2005

It's starting to look really good for an MU330 trip to Alaska in April. I'm super excited about it. That will make 49 states total.. just two more to go after that.. Any guesses at what two states we haven't soiled yet? Sign the guestbook!

We're still pounding out monster songs for the upcoming MU330 album. A mummy song is in the works, as well as a nod to Frankenstein, Zombies, Wolfman, aliens, and Vampyre Girls. We'll be rehearsing this Dec in St. Louis and hopefully will get started on recording some drum tracks.

Also, four Dan P. solo shows are on for next month in FL w/ MU330's old friends Skif Dank. Check out the tour dates. Rok on!

Sun Aug 7th 2005

Hello friends, here's the lowdown on what's been happening in MU330 land the past few months.

In May we headed once again over the Atlantic to tour in the U.K. We played a bunch of shows with our friends NO COMPLY. We played at the U.K.'s big punk-rock WASTED FESTIVAL in Morcambe. It was really cool to see and share a stage with a bunch of bands we've played and made friends with over the eight years we've been coming to the UK. Brendan once again helped us out by filling in on bass.

Since we've been back Dan has been playing shows, recording and training for the Plea for Peace Bike tour which goes from Seattle to San Diego. The entire 5 1/2 week tour will be traveled by bike to raise money for a Youth Center in San Jose, CA. For more information or to donate visit

Rob has been doing some serious cycling of his own by working as a bike courier and competing in bike races across St. Louis. If you live in St. Louis and want to see Rob compete please come out to the races. Rob competes every tuesday night at the race in Carondolet Park in South St. Louis. Get there by 7:30 and make sure you make a lot of noise! We'll try to keep all of the races posted on the site.

Gerry is going to be driving the support van on Plea for Peace and is considering coming out of retirement for a few amature wrestling matches. It will be great to once again see his signature moves "the Crusher" and the "Midnight Creeper"

And the biggest news of all is that Ted and his wife Heather will be expecting their first child this February. Whoo hoo! As of now, there are no MU330 tours planned, but a new album is still in the works.


Wed, Mar 23rd 2005

We're finally back home after an amazing seven weeks on the road. The SKA is DEAD II tour was a tremendous success. A special thanks goes out to Matt Porter who did a fantastic job filling in on Bass. Rob showed Matt how skipping rope can improve endurance and skanking ability while Matt showed us how to harvest and properly open and enjoy coconuts. A big thanks goes out to Dave from Mustard Plug for setting up this great tour. The tour featured ourselves, Voodoo Glowskulls from Riverside California and Streetlight Manifesto from New Jersey. With so many people on the tour we made a lot of new friends.
We will be touring in the UK in May. -tm

Thurs, Feb 3rd 2005

I'm backstage at the Cleveland show and it is cold, cold, COLD outside! We've got some new t-shirts up on the page, so check it out. Also, I've been keeping a tour diary, so if you've got time to burn, check in there too. I'm going to make an effort to really keep on top of this one, so updates should be frequent. See you at the shows!

Tue, Jan 25th 2005

Just confirmed an April 30th show in Knoxville, TN. Check out this link for ska weekend! I'm stoked about this show! Gotta go. I leave for tour at 6:00 AM. It's midnight. Still need to pack. See you onb the Ska is Dead II tour!

Tue, Jan 25th 2005
The Tour dates have been updated again. Also we finally have the "Raw Fish" video up. Click HERE.
We've got new t-shirt designs we'll be posting soon. Cheers. --tm

Tue, Jan 18th 2005

Big news.. within the next couple days, we'll have a link up to download a new Quicktime Video for the song "Raw Fish." We're super excited about it. Our friend Tom from Goober Patrol/ Vanilla Pod threw it together from a bunch of tour footage that he had from MU330's Europe tour with Vanilla Pod. We think it came out great.

Also, check out the giant list of new tour dates! We'll be out on tour in Feb and March on the Ska is Dead II tour with Voodoo Glow Skulls and Streetlight Manifesto

Sat, Jan 15th 2005

Check out this link... Unbelievable!

Sat, Jan 8th 2005

Check out the giant list of new tour dates! We'll be out on tour in Feb and March on the Ska is Dead II tour with Voodoo Glow Skulls and Streetlight Manifesto. I'm super excited about this one. We've never toured with either band. We've played a couple shows with Voodoo and Streetlight here and there, but never for an extensive tour like this one. I'm looking forward to making some new touring buddies. Who will be skipping rope with us before the tour is over?
Lately we've just been getting ready for the tour by skipping rope, practicing, winterizing MURV (MU330 RV) and getting new sticker, button and t-shirt designs together. We'll have some new stuff up on the site by the time we hit the road. See you on the road! -Dan p. and MU330

Thursday, Oct 29th 2004


First off we had an amazing time touring across the US. Despite the cancellation of the Florida shows due to Hurricane Frances, the tour was a success. It was really exciting to be on the road again, playing loud energetic music with my best friends, visiting new towns, and meeting new people. To read about some of the highlights of the tour, surf over to the TOUR DIARY.

This tour also saw MU330 get in shape. Rob implemented a workout routine for us based on the BUDDY LEE jump rope training program. We kept a chart in the RV to track our progress. Brendan formatted all the data onto an Excel spreadsheet and graphs.

After the tour we spent two weeks writing and arranging songs for the next MU330 album. As I type, I'm listening to the rough demo we recorded. I'm excited to get these songs all finished and get into the studio. Speaking of recording, our good friend and recording engineer Lance Reynolds (MU330 Live, Ultra Panic) was recently married to Amy Zachary. We celebrated their wedding with the BLUE MEANIES in Springfield. Speaking of the Blue Meanies we are going to be playing their reunion show at the METRO in Chicago on December 23rd.

While we've all been busy getting the next album together we've each been working on other things as well. Dan has not really been home since June, touring with MU330, solo, and his band Electrodan. He is currently playing solo on the "Ska's Not Dead" tour with Mustard Plug and Catch 22. He is also getting ready to record the Electrodan project. Gerry is working on DVD editing and cataloging his impressive music collection. Rob recently joined a cycling team. If you live in the St. Louis area please come see Rob race. I'll post the wheres and whens on this page before the races. Chris, along with MU330's old trumpet player, Nick Baur, have been playing shows with their side-project the Bantam League. I've been writing songs and playing shows with Bagheera.

We finally have some MP3s back up on the page. Enjoy. --tm

Friday, Sept 2nd 2004

We're camping on the panhandle, along the gulf, just out of reach of the hurricane. I'd rather be playing shows, but who can complain about white sand beaches?

Wanted to mention one very big show that got added that I'm very excited about. On Dec. 23rd, we're playing at the Metro in Chicago with the BLUE MEANIES!!! I'm soooo psyched to see them again... I can't wait. If you live anywhere near Chicago, I would get tix early. It should definitely sell out. Check out the newly updated tour diary. -dp

Friday, Sept 2nd 2004

Found out this morning that the Merritt Island show, the Miami show, and the Orlando show are all called off. Bummer. We're getting out of the state, and heading to New Orleans. Hopefully everyone's predictions are wrong, and the hurricane won't be too bad. Be safe. -dp

Thursday, Sept1st 2004

We're hanging out in Gainesville at our friends, Rebecca and Glyph's house. The hurricane is on it's way. Total bummer. The show in Merritt Island has been cancelled. They've evacuated the whole island and have shut off the power. Right now, things don't look good for the Miami show, and the jury is still out on the Orlando show as well. Arrrrrgh! I'll post as soon as we know for sure what's going on.We probably won't know anything until tomorrow morning. Check out the newly updated tour diary. -dp

Tuesday, Aug 31st 2004

The tour is rocking. Things are going really well. We're in Athens, GA tonight, and are getting ready to head to FL. We're a little nervous, because we're due to hit Miami the same day as a freakin' hurricane. Hopefully it will break up out in the ocean and never make it to shore. Yikes! Check out the newly updated tour diary.


Sunday, Aug 1st 2004

After a bit of a false start, the U.S. tour is finally underway. We unfortunately had to cancel the first show of the tour in Little Rock Arkansas due to van troubles. Big apologies to Vino's and anyone who might have turned up for the show. Luckily, we got the van up and running in time to make it to the show in Oklahoma. Last night we rocked Lubbock, TX with Treephort. I'll be updating the Tour diary more as we go. Rok on! -DP

Tuesday July 6th , 2004
Look at MU330's drummer Ted Moll.. He's standing in Red Square! We've wrapped up the UK, Russia, France, Switzerland leg of the tour, and when I get back from a 10 day solo tour in the UK, MU330 will be rocking five weeks across the US. Check out the tour diary, and keep checking back for newly posted tour photos and more confirmed US shows.
Thursday June 30th, 2004

We have a day off today in France. Check out the updated tour dates and tour diary from our Russia tour!


Monday June 21st, 2004

We're on our way to Exeter today after another great show last night in Brighton. Check out the newly updated TOUR DIARY. Also, we'll have more tour dates in the U.S. posted periodically, so keep checking back. Cheers! -dp


Wednesday June 16th, 2004

The UK/Russia/Europe tour is underway. We played last night in Leicester.. w/o Gerry and Rob! They missed their connecting flight in Chicago because of bad weather, and the airline couldn't get them on another flight to England until the next day. So Gerry and Rob spent the night in a Super 8 in Chicago, and Ted, Brendan and I played as a three piece in Leicester. Weird. All things considered, things went ok, but I was excited to pick them up at the airport this morning, and they were happy to get into the van, even though American Airlines managed to lose their bags. Who really needs a change of clothes anyway?

Check out the newly posted tourdates! Chances are we're coming close to you in the next few months.

Sunday May 30, 2004

We just found out that our visas went through and we're going to be heading to RUSSIA to play two shows.
June 25- Moscow- club Apelsin (with Distemper, Private Radio)
June 26- S.Petersburg, Red Club (with Distemper)
Very Exciting! We're all looking forward to getting back and playing some rock shows overseas as well as in the U.S.

Thursday April 15, 2004

MU330 will be heading to the U.K. for a short tour in JUNE. Some of the dates are already posted but check back for updates.

MU330 will also be doing a full U.S. tour in JULY and AUGUST !!!

Friday April 9, 2004

Howzit. MU330 is now booking shows in the U.S. for this summer. Promoters/ Clubs can contact Joey at Three Speed Booking. His e-mail is

Please don't e-mail Joey if you are in a band and want to tour with MU330. Unfortunately, we aren't taking any support bands out on the road with us. Thanks! See you at the shows.

Love, Dan P.


Sun Feb 1, 2004

Rock n' Roll Church! Played at St. Stephen's Church in Miami last night, and it was a totally fun show. We've been staying at Rossi's house the last 2 nights. He's the promoter of the W. Palm Beach show, and the Miami show,(Thanks Rossi!) and he's got this roommate named Kevin, who sets his alarm every morning, and then lets it go off for about an hour, and then hits snooze and repeats the whole process for about four hours every morning. Amazing! The first morning it just woke us all up and we didn't know if the guy was OK or not. We were wondering if we should go in and check to see if he was still breathing. Anyway, he plays saxophone, and we had him come up and play with us last night in Miami, and when we introduced him, Rob and Gerry did their best imitation of his alarm clock by blasting repeated notes on their trombones. The funny thing is that his alarm is going off as I type this, and it has been for the last 3 hours. Now it's just cracking us all up every time it goes off. When he actually hits the snooze button, the whole apartment erupts in applause! Hilarious! Anyway, we'll have pictures of the shows up in the next few days. We're headed to the Keys today. OH YEAH!

Sat Jan 31, 2004

W. Palm beach was a blast last night! It feels great to be playing shows again. Thanks to everybody that came out to the show... especially everybody who drove so far. Orlando, Daytona, Gainesville, and even Hollywood CA! We drove back to Miami after the show, and after a late night food stop, wound up getting to bed at about 5:00. Looking forward to the show tonight in Miami. -Dan P.

Fri Jan 30, 2004

After a long day of flying and waiting in line for rental cars, we're finally in Miami! Oh yeah. I'm psyched for the shows this weekend. We ate at a really good late night Cuban restaurant last night. I'm hoping that we can get in some beach time before the show tonight in W. Palm.

Thu Jan 15 , 2004

New Photo Galleries! click HERE
See photos from our not so recent tours to Europe and Japan in 2003!

Wed Jan 6 , 2004

Happy New Year! We counted in the first few minutes of 2004 with some energetic rock music. Our good friend Lance got himself engaged in New York City. Hopefully this is a brighter year than the past one was. We're getting off to a good start by finally returning to Florida after way too long. Here are a couple of dates we're playing:

Friday January 30th
Rays Downtown Blues Bar
519 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach
(561) 835-1577
with supporting bands:
AUDIBLE, Five Cent Wish and Neptune 66

Saturday January 31st

St. Stephen's Church
2750 McFarlane Road

In the middle of the grove.

Coconut Grove, FL (Miami)
with supporting bands:

Tue Dec 2 , 2003

MU330 released in RUSSIA!
I went to the PO box today and received a box of Crab Rangoon tapes released this year in Russia on Karma Mira records. They contacted us a couple of years ago and I completly forgot about the whole thing. What a weird and fun surprise!

Thu Nov 27 , 2003

Happy Thanksgiving.
Mon Nov 17 , 2003

New Year's Show!
MU330 will be playing at Frederick's Music Lounge in beautiful south St. Louis on New Years Eve. Sorry this is a 21 and up show.

Tue Oct 21 , 2003

Home Again!
It felt really good to be playing live music again. It's been far too long and these amazing shows really emphasized that playing ska music is what we are meant to do. The shows in California were some of the best we can remember. It's good to see that some people are not afraid to be uncool and still dance at ska shows. OH YEAH! Japan was as good as always. The first night we played an fun show in Tokyo with Suicide Machines and Potshot. Potshot played the song "MU330" from their album "Potshot a-GOGO" and even covered the suicide machines' "islands". It was good to be back among friends in distant lands. In Nagoya we started the "plea for peace-Japan" tour with Potshot, Storm, and the amazing New Rote'ka. Acha, New Rote'ka's vocalist, comes out in clown makeup and just rocks. He says a lot of funny things to the crowd in Japanese and unfortunately there are no subtitles. The Bayside Jenny in Osaka is a great place to play. The club is located underneath the world's largest Ferris wheel (see shameless plug) and the inside is reminiscent of the THUNDERDOME from Mad Max......Shibuya was our final show. We always stay at the Hotel New Washington in Shibuya and frequent the hotel's always empty karaoke bar "cats". Four shows in Japan was far too few and the trip was over just as the jet lag was wearing off. At Narita airport we saw HULK HOGAN. We were star struck. Mike Park was yelling and going crazy and Gerry was itching for a rematch.

Monday September 8th, 2003

Back to JAPAN!

MU330 along with MIKE PARK will be heading back to the land of the rising sun to play shows with our friends POTSHOT. We're even playing with SUICIDE MACHINES in TOKYO! On top of our own set, we will be playing a twenty minute set with our friend YOKO, who we wrote and recorded an album with. click here for details.


Europe was a lot of fun. Our driver dale not only got us to the shows safely and promptly, but taught us all there is to know about zombies. We toured with UK punk band VANILLA POD, a good bunch of lads who introduced us to the exciting world of ritualistic branding. Some highlights include driving seventeen hours from Exeter, Wales to Den Helder, Netherlands to play a small rock bar with enough medieval weaponry on the walls to arm a small battalion, spending four days in the ancient city of Prague in the Czech Republic, drinking thirty cent beers, eating cheap food, and pestering the devil on the Charles Bridge. The show in Brighton, England was the icing on the cake. It is always good to see our mate Buz and his shows are always the best. The members of Vanilla Pod even came up all dressed like Gerry to do the powerskank. We went back to Buz's to party and eventually fell asleep for a few hours on the floor in the hallway before an early wakeup to fly home.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

We're off to the European continent. We'll be touring for a month, playing shows in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Check HERE for tourdates. The tourdates listed are, at this point incomplete, so additions and changes are to be expected. We will try to update the page from the road and keep a tour diary. Chances are we will have some difficulty doing this, so check the guestbook for news and schedual changes if this page hasn't been updated in the next week. Cheers.

Thursday, April 10, 2003


We will be playing in St. Louis at the Creepy Crawl on April 18 and in Chicago at the Metro on April 19. Both shows are all ages. We will be touring in Europe in June. The tourdates are posted but still incomplete at this point.
SKA is back! Dan just returned from the SKA SUMMIT in Las Vegas where, in several closed door secret meetings, the powers that be decided that ska is now again a musical force to listen and dance to.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Wow, it felt really good to get back and play some shows. We practiced some new songs and contiue to write for the next album.
Saturday November 30, 2002

We're finally getting around to playing some shows. We'll be playing St. Louis on Jan 10 at the Creepy Crawl and in Chicago on Jan 11 at the Fireside Bowl.

Wednesday November 20, 2002

A UK/ Europe tour is being booked as I type! Oh yeah! We'll be back in Europe end of May/early June.

Look for a Chicago and a St. Louis show around early Jan.

We're working on getting back to Japan in Oct!

Friday October 18, 2002

Here's some questions that people have been asking us via e-mail lately.

OK, so if you're wondering how Mr. Gerry Lundquist is doing, he had a successful surgery on his left leg, and he's doing a lot better. They did some sort of vein stripping, and after a painful operation/recovery period, he's healing up pretty well. He's not using a cane now, and gets around pretty well. The bad news is that sometime in the next few months, he's going to have to have surgery on his right leg too.


We are lazy. Well, ... that's part of it. But we've actually all been busy doing other stuff while Gerry has been sick.

Ted has been working and going to school. He's studying micro biology, so he'll eventually be able to clone the five of us, and we'll be able to have three or four MU330 tours going on simultaneously around the globe. He's also been working on Bagheera stuff. (His side project with his wife Heather.) They're going to release an album sometime next year on Asian Man with sound wizard Lance Reynolds at the controls.
Chris has been working a full time office job, and playing lots of guitar and working on his singing/songwriting. He wrote "Hey Now" on the new MU330 record. It was his first songwriting attempt with MU, and I would bet that more Chris Diebold songs will appear on the next MU record.
Rob has been working a lot, both at Blueberry Hill and as a bike messenger, delivering prescriptions for a local pharmacy. I haven't seen him since May because I've been living in CA, and he's in St. Louis, but Mike Park tells me that he's ripped! Rob says he's been doing yoga and lifting weights! Now both our trombone players could crush you with little effort.
I've been busy teaching guitar in Santa Cruz, and I've also been scrambling around trying to finish up my new solo album, "Sweets and Meats" which will be coming out in Nov. I'm doing a solo tour of England coming up in November. Check the page for dates. I also got a surfboard and have been going surfing at Cowell's beach in Santa Cruz. I've actually managed to stand up a couple times, which ain't bad for a Midwest boy!

Unfortunately, no. We were trying to sort things out with the show, and it just conflicted with too many people's family holiday plans. We're hoping to set up a Chicago-land area show and possibly a St. Louis show sometime after New Year's.

Yes, we're working on another holiday album of originals ... but it ain't another Xmas album. An Arbor Day album perhaps? We're going to get together over the holidays and try to hash out a new album.

You can send a $10 check made out to MU330 to: PO BOX 4367, St. Louis, MO 63123 Ted or his Mom will send you one right away!

OK that's it for now. Thanks for checking in. Love, Dan P.

Saturday October 12, 2002

Hello everyone. Dan has a new solo album coming out in November called "SWEETS and MEATS" and will be touring in the U.K. in Noveber as well with some possible shows in the U.S. TBA. For more info go to the Dan Potthast site.

Saturday August 10, 2002

It seems like for a while we fell off the planet ( it is flat you know ) and spent the past months climbing back up to the surface. In reality we've just been busy and hard at work enjoying the hot summer. Asian Man Records just released a new compilation with our song "dropping the ball" from ULTRA PANIC. Well get some new photos and stuff up soon too. .

Friday April 26, 2002

A few days ago MU330 returned from our trip to the UK. Our friend and trombone player Gerry Lundquist burst an artery in his leg while we had a day off in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was taken to the hospital and had to miss the last week of the tour. To make matters worse he wasn't allowed to fly home with the rest of us until he healed up which currenly puts his hospital stay at almost two weeks now. He should be flying home any day and if you wish to send him a get well card please mail it to:

MU330, PO Box 4367, St. Louis, MO 63123, USA


Sunday March 24, 2002

ULTRA PANIC is here! Just two days ago UPS showed up at my mom's house with our brand new CDs. You can get them from us now, two weeks before they hit stores. We played a really fun show in our hometown of St. Louis on Thursday before heading to Bloomington, Indiana on Friday to play with our good friends Johnny Socko. Today we leave for the U.K. We'll attempt to keep a tour diary up and running. Cheers.

Friday March 15, 2002

We have two new MP3s to listen to from "ULTRA PANIC" now on
click here

Friday March 8, 2002

MU330 in the U.K. !!!!!!
We are headed to England and Scotland for three and a half weeks at the end of March through April. This was a suprise last minute change in our schedual so unfortunately we won't be playing but two dates in the U.S. for the next few months. You can catch us in St. Louis on March 21 at the Gargoyl @ Washington University and in Bloomington, Indiana @ Rhino's. These will be all ages shows and the first place you can buy our new CD "ULTRA PANIC"! In May, Ted will be getting married to Heather from Climber and they'll be headed west on Rt. 66. We'll be doing a U.S. Tour to support "Ultra Panic" when they return sometime in the near future.

Speaking of panicing, you can now pre-order "Ultra Panic" from us for $10. This includes shipping and guarantees you'll get a copy mere days after we do.

Wednesday February 13, 2002

Welcome back to reality. After quite a few months of panic in the studio we've finally finished. Dan and I just returned from Champaign, Illinois where we finalized the mix with our good friend Lance. We're all really excited about the new album and can't wait to hit the road and start playing shows again. We will be playing around the midwest in mid to late march and other places after that. We're still not sure on the wheres and whens. We should have some dates posted by next week. I'm going to try to get some of the new songs up on soon but it takes them awhile to approve it. Patience.

Monday December 17, 2001

1. MU330 will be putting on their third annual Toys For Tots toy Drive at the Creepy Crawl on December 21st. It's an all ages show with nerd rockers Children's Audio opening up, and everyone who bring a non-gift-wrapped, unopened, new toy will receive a free Asian Man Records compilation CD and sticker and poster. MU330 will be playing lots of songs off their Christmas album, and will probably be wearing lots of green and red clothes too. Last year's toy drive was a whopping success. We collected over 250 new toys, and we're hoping to be able to match that this year.

2. MU's new album, "Ultra Panic" is due out in march. Tour dates will follow. The album was mixed down at the same studio in IL where the Wilco/Billy Bragg Mermaid Avenue records were mixed, and it sounds better than anything MU has previously recorded. Lots of ska on this one!

3. MU330 and Climber will be playing at everyone's favorite, Frederick's on New Year's Eve. Tickets are on sale now at Frederick's for 10 bucks, and because it's such a tiny place only 100 tickets are available. The show is 21 and up only.

4. We've got three new galleries of pictures up from Japan, Korea and Wisconsin! click HERE

Friday November 23, 2001

Hey Rockers! We've updated the page a bit so check it out. We've added some new shirts to the merchandise section and we're currently running some holiday deals. Click HERE to find out more. In the next few days we'll have three new photo galleries with pictures from Japan, Korea and our camping trip in Wisconsin. Speaking of Korea, we just returned from there a couple of weeks ago. We played two big shows with Mike Park as the B. Lee Band and ate way too much good Korean food. Our favorite was the endless kimchi, bulgugi, kalbi, and ginsing soju at the Pung Sung restaurant. Gerry is the king of soju. Our hosts were very gracious and made sure that we had enough to eat. Mike did a lot of interviews while the rest of us found ourselves being taken to amusement parks, crowded outdoor shopping districts, and the old palace and museum. A big thanks to all our hosts and new friends in Seoul. Also a big thanks to Mike Park for making it all possible.

Last week Dan and I headed to Champaign, IL to finish mu330's new studio album "Ultra Panic". We're working with our friend Lance Reynolds who recorded and mixed our live album. I'm really excited about this one. In a time when a lot of bands are changing their sound, we're playing what we've always loved to play. SKA music.

We'll be playing shows around the midwest in late December. Check our tourdates HERE. Happy Holidays, -ted and mu330

Thursday October 11, 2001

Back to Korea! MU330 will be heading to Korea once again backing Mike Park as the B. Lee Band near the end of October. We'll be updating the page sometime soon with some new pictures and merchandise.

Monday September 17, 2001

What a week. I'm not going to say anything about what happened last Tuesday since i can't even put into words the emotions. I don't even feel like writing about what a great tour we had the week before. We did have a great tour. We had an amazing show in Rockford, IL at the Waterfront Festival. We had a great show in Iowa City too, as well as Decatur, IL. We spent a couple of days camping in Wisconsin at Kettle-Morain State Forest. Rob rented a mountain bike and we rented a couple of canoes. Gerry built a huge bonfire and proved his might by jumping through it repeatedly at around 2 am. We played a sold out show at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago with Against All Authority. The AC was broken and the heat was unbearable. I have to give props to everyone who endured it for all three bands. MU330 will be playing some shows around Christmas but we won't be touring until the new album comes out in early 2002. Peace and Unity. --ted-

Friday August 17, 2001

We just returned from Korea. Last saturday we flew about 20+ hours to play the Busan International Rock festival with Mike Park. We were billed as the B. Lee band and rocked to about 15 thousand people on the beach! This was such a fun and amazing show. We played Skankin' Pickle, B. Lee Band, Chinkees and MU330 songs and the crowd went nuts even though they didn't know a single song. Seeing that many people do the "power skank" was a sight to behold. While we were there we did some sightseeing, Rob and Gerry got accupuncture, and we all ate cooked bugs (pupa) from a vendor off the street. A big thanks to Mike Park for bringing us!!!! We'll post some pictures soon.

Monday July 30, 2001

Whew it's a hot one. We'll be playing some shows around the midwest in late August and early September.

Thursday June 28, 2001

Back online!!! Sorry for such a long delay. We've had trouble with our old server and couldn't do much about it while we were in Japan. We're now back on track and ready to rock. We're back home now and enjoying a much needed rest. Rob Bell is riding his bike 30+ miles a day. Dan recently moved to Santa Cruz and will be playing solo shows during the summer. (no mu330 did not break up, but feel free to post whatever false rumors of our demise you like). Gerry is enjoying his summer in LeMay, or little south france as we like to call it tending bar at "the rendesvous" and listening to the sweet word jazz of Ken Nordine. Ted will be playing shows with Climber and recording Bagheera, his home studio project. Chris will be writing songs and certainly watching at least a few episodes of star trek. In august we go to korea to play with mike park and in september we'll be playing two weeks of shows around the midwest. The tour of japan was amazing! Check the tour diary for an account of our adventure.

Sunday May 13, 2001

As I write this we are flying from Dallas to Tokyo. We are all a bit delerious as we got an early 4 am start this morning. We've got a 13 hour flight and when we land, jet lag will surely set in. Despite the fatigue, I'm very excited. This is our third trip to Japan and we are going to be there a month this time playing shows with Potshot and rehearsing for our upcoming recording with our friend Yoko. Check our TOUR DIARY for our day to day adventures.

The U.S. OH YEAH! tour was so much fun. The Lawrence Arms and Big D and the Kid's Table were great to tour with and we miss them already. You can read about the tour in the TOUR ARCHIVES. We'll have pictures up in a little while so check back.

We found out recently that in August, MU330 will be heading to KOREA! Performing with Mike Park as his backing band we are going to be playing a huge festival in Pusan, Korea. Some of the other bands on the bill include Megadeath and Slipknot. Can I get a big "OH YEAH!!" ?